Sage-ing vs Aging

What is Sage-ing? Simply put, Sage-ing is a different, more positive approach to growing older. It’s about walking in mindfulness and looking at the things in your life and trying to harvest our life’s wisdom. In this episode Chuck Warren shares the history of Sage-ing and the positivity it has brought to his life.

Topics Discussed

  • The history of Sage-ing
  • Living a mindful life
  • Sharing our life experience and wisdom with others
  • How you can start a Sage-ing wisdom circle yourself

About Chuck Warren

Chuck grew up in north Florida and spent most of his working life as a social worker in a variety of locations including New York City working with street youth and later with addiction services, in Central Florida with the Job Corps, the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches Program, with a residential brain injury program, and finally with Winter Haven Hospital in their ESTEEM Program for brain injury. He has been facilitating the Sage-ing program in Winter Haven, FL for 20 years.

He lives in Central Florida with his wife, Bernie, still facilitating a weekly Sage-ing meeting, writing books (usually fiction), and biking. He loves music and is trying to learn to play the harmonica!

Bob, a retired Circuit Court Judge of 16 years is married and a father of two grown children. He’s also a former Naval officer who served in the Vietnam War. During his accomplished career, Bob has championed causes living his life’s mission to be a part of the solution for the good of all. His most notable contributions in this respect come in the area of domestic violence. We suspect there is much more to come in the area of community service for Bob Doyel!

Resources Mentioned

From Aging to Sage-ing: A Profound New Vision for Growing Older by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Ronald S Miller

Sage-ing International – Visit this site for information and resources about Sage-ing

If you are interested in starting a Sage-ing wisdom circle in your community, email Chuck directly for more information:

Liz Craven
Author: Liz Craven

Liz Craven, along with her husband Wes, owns Pro-Ad Media, publisher of Sage Aging ElderCare Guide, serving the local community for over 29 years. Liz lives in Lakeland and is very active in the local community, specifically in the area of aging. Liz serves on a number of local boards and committees including the Lakeland Vision and Age Friendly Lakeland.