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Mobile apps for caregivers
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In today’s digital world, there are so many apps to make everything we do in life a little simpler and more streamlined. Mobile apps for caregivers are more plentiful as baby boomers age. According to a recent report, 85 percent of adults own a smartphone. As Millenials and Gen Zs become caregivers, the use of caregiver mobile apps will definitely grow. In recent episodes of the Sage Aging podcast, I introduced you to several mobile apps for caregivers that we love. I’ll briefly recap those for you here, but you can revisit those episodes for more detailed information. Read on for a few other apps we like too!


I-Ally Millenial Caregiver Support

The I-Ally app connects caregivers with the services and support they need. Designed by Millenials for Millenials, it provides the unique support they need. I-Ally connects caregivers to education & resources, mental health services, advocacy, and more. The I-Ally community is very active in creating connections to other caregivers. This Mobile app for caregivers is useful for all but is tailored to Millenials caring for loved ones earlier in life. Learn more about I-Ally and meet founder and millennial caregiver Lucinda Koza in Episode 45.


Advocord  mobile app for family caregivers

Managing medical care and finances for a loved one is a big job. The Advocord app, founded by Estate Attorney Nancy Meyers, is a tool that helps caregivers do this more simply. Users learn what their legal obligations are and are guided through the process of gathering information and documents.  Advocord organizes everything and allows the caregiver to communicate with other family members. The app also compiles the data for any state and federally-mandated reports.

Memoryz app for dementia family caregivers

Memoryz is a mobile app for caregivers and families of those living with dementia.  The app is designed to support caregivers from the moment their family receives a diagnosis and along the entire journey. Memoryz features a task/event tracker and reminder system and mood tracker. It also includes an app-based experience to support the care receiver that connects to the caregiver application. The Memoryz community allows caregivers to connect with others at a time when they are feeling isolated. Learn more about Memoryz and meet founder Rishawn Dindial in Episode 56.

Other apps we like (all free!)

  • MediSafe – Meds management is important to achieve good outcomes for patients, however, it also happens to be a very challenging task for many families. The Medisafe mobile app for caregivers sends daily medication and refill reminders, alerts you, the caregiver when a medication is missed, and alerts you to possible medicine interactions.
  • Red Cross First Aid App – We’d all like to think we are prepared for anything, but emergency situations that may require first aid can cause stress for even the best of caregivers. The American Red Cross First Aid App is a great tool for everyone to have. This app features, simple, step-by-step instructions for everyday first aid scenarios, prioritized steps to take during an emergency,  a 9-1-1 call button, interactive quizzes, videos, emergency preparedness tips, and more. The content is available in English and in Spanish. While you’re at it, check out the American Red Cross Pet First Aid App too!

  • CaringBridge – Keeping family and friends in the loop on your loved one’s situation can be overwhelming often leaving caregivers feeling isolated. CaringBridge is a free online tool and mobile app for caregivers and patients for sharing health updates with family and friends and is an easy way to communicate health news to others. This online tool and app features a planner, interactive journal, and “ways to help” section that allows the caregiver to communicate needs and others to offer help, support, and encouragement. You can access CaringBridge online or through the app.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mobile apps for caregivers. We will keep our eye on this category for additional tools and apps to make caregivers’ lives better. Do you have an app you’d like us to explore? Drop us a line at

Post updated 1/12/23

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