Let TruBlue Help with Aging-in-Place Modifications

Our homes are often our biggest investment and, as we get older and our needs changes, our homes have to change too. That doesn’t always mean you have to move – sometimes a few simple adjustments can mean the difference between aging comfortably in the house you’ve called a home and having to find a new place.

A report published in Consumer Affairs (https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/aging-in-place-home-modifications.html) last month highlighted the top eight home modifications that need to made to help someone stay safe in their homes as they age, which included installing grab bars, outdoor ramps and bathroom heat lamps; upgrading smart home technology; updating flooring, faucets and lighting; and replacing round doorknobs with levers.

TruBlue Total House Care’s franchisees around the country offer Home Safety program which includes performing a safety audit and then making solution recommendations based on any safety problems you may have. Although smart home upgrades and heated bathroom lamps are less standard upgrades – of course we can help with those too – we regularly assist our clients with the other modifications, especially doorknob replacements, accessibility upgrades, grab bars and changing faucets and lighting. We also sometimes recommend other adjustments switch and outlet access modifications and keyless entry systems.

As we all think about getting older, it’s important to think about more the kinds of caregiving help you might need. After all, if the place you live isn’t safe, in-home care won’t be enough.

Learn more about our Home Safety Services today.

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