Introduction into Florida Medicaid Planning

Spouses and families often find their loved one discharged from a hospital to a full skilled rehab facility to try and improve upon the condition that had the loved one hospitalized.

Unfortunately, it is often not just one condition or impairment, but a combination of impairments that can prevent a full recovery and at times leaves the loved one having to reside in a nursing home indefinitely and perhaps for the rest of his or her life. With costs for such care often exceeding $7,000 per month, spouses and families are often overwhelmed as it is with the emotions involved in this change but understandably afraid of the finances that it takes for this care.

Having to quickly prepare Medicaid applications in the midst of these troubles is even more challenging for families to handle. Please know that no matter what stage of crisis you or your loved ones might be in, there is help and planning that can be done to better your situation. Medicaid planning is often a way to find some much needed assistance to pay for such long-term care needs.

Jason Penrod
Author: Jason Penrod