Aging in Place Home Safety Checklist

A home safety checklist can help older adults age in place safely

Age in place in your home safe home! ♥

According to the Federal Housing Administration, nearly 90% of older adults say they want to stay in their homes, or “age in place,” for as long as possible. Making some simple and inexpensive changes in the home will go a long way in preventing injuries, reducing fall risks, and enabling independence in a safe home environment. Print the Home Safety Checklist below to assess your home make the necessary changes.

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Liz Craven
Author: Liz Craven

Liz Craven, co-publisher of Sage Aging ElderCare Guide with her husband Wes, combines personal experience and heartfelt dedication in her work. Their journey in eldercare began with a personal story—caring for Wes' grandmother, Mabel, who lived with Alzheimer's. This chapter in their lives not only highlighted the complexities of eldercare but also kindled a deep-seated passion to support others facing similar challenges. Since then, Liz and Wes have navigated caregiving three more times. These experiences have added layers of depth to their insights, allowing them to offer a blend of empathetic understanding and practical advice through the Sage Aging ElderCare Guide. Liz’s commitment to making eldercare more approachable and less daunting shines through in every piece of advice she offers, aiming to ease the caregiving journey for others.