Navigating Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Sage Aging Podcast Episode 79

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Hearing loss is more common than you might think, especially among older adults. In fact, did you know that approximately one in three people in the US between the ages of 65 and 74 suffer from it? And that number rises to nearly one in two for those older than 75. But here’s the catch: untreated hearing loss can lead to a range of problems, including an increased risk of cognitive decline.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into this topic and cover a wide range of important areas related to hearing loss and hearing aids. Listen or watch via the links above or scroll to the bottom of the post for a transcript.

My Guest

Dr. Tonya LaLonde, an accomplished clinical Audiologist at Central Florida Speech and Hearing Center. With over 20 years of experience, she is a true advocate for hearing health and has a passion for educating people on this topic.

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Tonya LaLonde join us on the Sage Aging Podcast, and we can’t wait for you to benefit from her experience and commitment to improving hearing health. Learn more about Tonya LaLonde and her work.

What We Covered

Types of Hearing Loss :

  • What are the main types of hearing loss and how do they differ from each other?
  • What is the most common type of hearing loss?
  • Hearing aids vs. other medical interventions – how do you know which is right for you?

When You Need Them, When You Should Get Them:

  • What are the signs that someone might have hearing loss and need a hearing aid?
  • Why is early intervention important in treating hearing loss?

Price Ranges:

  • What’s the financial investment we’re looking at when it comes to hearing aids?
  • Are there certain price points or features that people should be wary of?

Over the Counter vs. Professional Aids:

  • How do over-the-counter hearing aids compare to professionally fitted ones?

Audiologist vs. Hearing Aid Dispenser:

  • What is the difference between consulting an audiologist and a hearing aid dispenser? Why might someone choose one over the other?

The Link to Cognitive Decline:

  • The relationship between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline?

For the answers to all these questions and more, listen to this episode via the links above or access the transcript below. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of hearing health. Whether you or a loved one is dealing with hearing loss or you simply want to be informed, this conversation is filled with valuable insights.


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