Active Adult Communities


Active Adult Communities are for older adults seeking a carefree retirement or semiretirement lifestyle, and who do not need personal or health care services like those found in assisted living. Active Adult Communities do not offer meals, housekeeping, laundry, and similar services found in Independent Living Residences.


Active Adult Communities are generally classified as Age-Restricted or Age-Targeted. Understanding the difference and evaluating your needs should be a factor when making your living choice.

Age-Restricted Communities designed according to the Fair Housing Act which requires at least 80% of residences to be occupied by at least one person over the age of 55.
Age-Targeted Communities are marketed to the 55+ age bracket, but aren’t limited to those over age 55.

Active Adult Communities can be structured in many ways. The most common are:
• Single-Family homes
• Patio homes • Townhomes
• Condominiums • Manufactured homes
• Rental apartments and communities



A carefree, low maintenance lifestyle makes Active Adult Communities very attractive to many. Residents trade home maintenance responsibilities for social events and outings, fun hobbies, and interests. Communities feature programs and amenities that encourage social engagement including clubhouses, swimming pools, recreation and fitness centers, and walking, jogging, and biking paths. Some even have golf, tennis and pickleball courts. There are activities and opportunities to broaden the mind. The excitement of learning new skills doesn’t stop at retirement. It’s just the beginning, and is only limited by the number of hours in the day. Join a book club, take cooking, photography or art classes, and explore new destinations by joining a travel group, or start your own class, club or activity.


Services vary depending on the type of housing, ownership, and community amenities offered. Many services are covered by monthly community HOA fees, if owned, or through monthly rental fees. Typical services offered:
• Trash and recycling pickup
• Exterior home maintenance
• Lawn care and landscaping
• Security and surveillance
• Cable, streaming, or satellite TV
• Internet & Wi-Fi access


The cost of Active Adult Communities can vary greatly. Similar to conventional real estate, cost will depend on community features and you will pay more for unique, resort-style amenities. Some factors that affect price are:
• Community location and neighborhood
• Location of the residence within the community
• Type and size of residence
• Amenities and services offered

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