5 Top Puzzles and Games for Cognition and Learning for Seniors

The brain, like the rest of your body, needs constant use to keep it in peak shape. Some seniors can struggle with memory loss or feel like they’re stagnating. Playing games and working with puzzles can help improve memory and cognition in seniors. 

Plus, if you find the right games, your senior loved one will enjoy the time they spend working on the puzzles while they improve their memory. With November 21st as the first day of the National Game and Puzzle Week, it’s a great time to check out some new games for people over the age of 65 in Winter Haven. 

Here’s a look at the top five puzzles and games for seniors:

1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles help seniors with spatial awareness and also challenge them to see the larger picture in Haines City. Puzzles can also help with eye-hand coordination and encourage small motor skills. You can easily pick up some puzzles at a yard sale. If you prefer, there are apps and websites that allow you to put together virtual puzzles. Most jigsaw puzzles will take several days or weeks to complete. 

2. Daily Word Search

A daily word search puzzle can help improve a senior’s reasoning skills as they look for clues in the jumble of letters. This type of puzzle is also a good way to improve a person’s pattern recognition ability. Most newspapers have a daily word search, or if you prefer, there are numerous websites and apps with a daily word search. You can also pick up a book of word search puzzles at any grocery store. 

3. Brain Training App

Brain training apps for smartphones and tablets have been popular for a few years now. These apps usually offer a series of games that build memory, cognition, reasoning skills, and more. Many of these apps offer guidance on the games the person should play each day, and these games gradually become more challenging for a senior in Bartow. 

4. Checkers

Almost everyone has played checkers at least once in their lives. It’s a game of strategy, and it also teaches your senior to watch how the other person plays and anticipate their moves. This game can also help with concentration and memory. You can pick up a game of checkers almost anywhere, and there are a few websites that allow people in Auburndale to play online. 

5. Solitaire

With a deck of cards, a senior can play a game of solitaire almost anywhere. Solitaire is a wonderful game to improve concentration and short-term memory. It’s also great for stress relief and relieving boredom. There are also places to play Solitaire online and apps for the game too. There are a few spinoff games that are similar to Solitaire, such as FreeCell. 

Find a Helping Hand With Senior Helpers of Polk County

Puzzles and games are a wonderful way to boost memory and cognition in seniors and people of all ages. If you need help caring for a senior loved one in Lakeland,  Winter Haven, and Bartow, Senior Helpers Polk County is ready to step in. Call us today to learn more!

Wes Craven
Author: Wes Craven

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